Flowers – beautiful and sweet smelling… but also uplifting! Statistics show the presence of flowers in a room can improve one’s mood and attitude, particularly for sufferers of depression and post-natal depression. So put together or buy a bouquet for yourself or another person who needs some brightness and joy in their day!

And… this is exactly what we did in our November meeting! We were so fortunate to have a flower expert join us- Juliana Machevski from Flowers on East in Lidcombe. She explained the aesthetic and emotional benefits flowers offer and continued to share some handy tips and tricks for assembling and extending the life of floral arrangements. Juliana kindly donated a huge variety of flowers and foliage which each mum got to sort through and choose from to arrange their own unique and personalised bouquet. Not only was this activity great fun, but it really did lift the mood and open the floor to sharing and supporting each other with a range of challenges, past and present.

Thank you Juliana for your time, insight and generosity, and thank you to all the members who joined in. We hope you got a lot out of the workshop and extended the joy at home with your families.

Next month (Thursday 1st of December) we have our annual Christmas celebration! We welcome all mums and children to join us for a morning tea, a surprise visit from Santa bearing gifts for all, and more importantly, God willing, a visit from His Eminence Archbishop Metropolitan Basilios who continuously supports our group.

Make sure to RSVP (0402 642 042) with your children’s names and ages so Santa knows who is coming! See you then!