Lockdown is over and we are back! We had our first meet up post lockdown at the Antiochian Youth Centre on Thursday, 4 November. The children have grown so much since our last gathering and had a wonderful time playing together. It was really great to be together again and catch up over the last few whirlwind months!

We had George Daher give us a fantastic talk about the developmental process and milestones for children up to the age of 5. He went through the general standards, as well as what it means if some kids do things a little differently, and left us with loads of tips for the future years to come.

During the lockdown, we had some great online weekly sessions and got to meet many mums who cannot usually attend our in-person meetings. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to deliver such valuable and insightful talks, as well as all those who joined in and supported our group.


In December we will have our regular Christmas special! Please join us for a visit from His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Basilios, some Christmas activities, and a surprise visit from Santa Claus! Please RSVP to Kh Natalie on 0402642042 to make sure Santa has a gift for every child.

We will also have George coming back and offering a free physical screening for all children – this will be a short assessment of their physical development and offer any suggestions for anything that may need further investigation.

See you next month!