Another year has just flown by and we thank God for all His blessings. The year has offered us wonderful meetings with great speakers, topics, and activities for our group. We have been blessed to meet many new mums and their precious little ones, and finish off the year with our annual Christmas bash!

In the spirit of love, unity, and celebration, the young mums of our Antiochian Orthodox community came together on Thursday 7th of December for a joyful Christmas gathering that left everyone with a heart full of joy. With a delightful morning tea and 30 mothers in attendance, this event was a true testament to the strength and warmth of our community.

The event began with a splendid morning tea spread that was a feast for the senses. Lebanese pastries, savoury delights, and an array of desserts adorned the table. The spread was a testament to the generosity of many who had put in a tremendous effort to ensure everyone felt welcomed and well-fed.

The heartwarming laughter of over 40 children echoed through the room as they savoured the treats and played together. Crafts and activities were organised to keep the little ones engaged and entertained, including a DIY Christmas advent calendar! The joyous sounds of children’s laughter served as a reminder of the true spirit of Christmas – the innocence and happiness of our youngest members.

As the children eagerly awaited a visit from Santa Claus, their faces lit up with excitement when he made his grand entrance. Santa, with his jolly demeanour and stack of gifts, brought cheers and smiles to the children’s faces… with surprisingly less tears this year! Each child received a special present, as well as every mum, making this Christmas gathering truly magical.

The highlight of the event came when His Eminence Basilios graced the gathering with his presence. His visit left everyone deeply touched and honoured. His Eminence shared words of wisdom, offered his blessings, and reminded everyone of the importance of faith, love, and community during the Christmas season, reinforcing the values that our Orthodox community holds dear.

Thank you to all who attended, and all those who gave from their time, energy, and love to host this special celebration. It truly served as a reminder that, during the Christmas season, the bonds of faith and community are stronger than ever, and the joy of giving and sharing is what makes this time of year so precious. May the birth of our Lord bring peace, joy and love into all the homes of our Archdiocese’s families, and may the coming year be full of blessings for all.