This month we broke down some taboo topics and had Emina, an experienced social worker, educate us on sexual abuse and mistreatment of children and young adults.

Sadly, no culture is free of these horrendous things, so we have to be observant, take precautions, and understand the warning signs. Over 90% of child sexual abuse cases are perpetrated by someone known to the child, so while stranger danger is important, it is even more important to be aware of who your child is spending time with and how.

A big takeaway was to always listen, believe and explore even the vaguest comment by a child as they may be trying to communicate to you what they are going through but may be afraid of getting in trouble or might not know how to tell you directly. Emina also highlighted the importance of calling private areas by their names and educating children from a young age that their bodies are theirs, their parts are private, and it is OK to say NO to an adult who is making them feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Please see the included information sheets for further support.

May God protect our children always and give us the strength and wisdom to keep them safe and help them through any such experiences.

Please join us at our next meeting on Thursday 3rd of June where we will have a Children Services coordinator speaking with us about parenting support and strategies.