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There are some very important details you need to know before getting married in the Orthodox Church! Please click here...

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There are some very important details you need to know! Please CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Pre-Marriage Counselling Classes

Pre-marriage classes are compulsory for those who wish to get married in the Antiochian Orthodox Church. These are in a group setting and provide a precious opportunity to walk through the important aspects of leading up to your wedding, but most importantly, being married!

About the Classes

Pre-marriage counselling in the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese aims to educate couples in:

  • the theology of Marriage
  • psychology of couples’ dynamics
  • facing challenges
  • personality differences
  • communicating successfully to strengthen the marriage union

Further, this is an opportunity to discuss life decisions such as:

  • the upbringing of children
  • extended family commitments
  • the running of your home life
  • financial arrangements
  • balancing Marriage responsibilities with daily life

This is a vital step towards building an excellent Christian foundation in your home and will arm you with the skills and knowledge to tackle future marriage and relationship challenges with the love and patience of Jesus Christ

When are these classes held?

Group classes are currently in NSW, though all parishes should offer these. You will need to contact your parish priest to organise these sessions.

For NSW, there are currently two set times of the year for Pre-marriage counselling. Couples are required to register for pre-marriage counselling for either the Autumn or Spring sessions based on their wedding date:

  • Autumn Session: For Couples who have booked their wedding date from April to August
  • Spring Session: For Couples who have booked their wedding date between August to March the year after

If your wedding day is approaching and you haven’t heard from your priest or parish representative within 2 months of the set classes, please call your parish to discuss these classes!

Below you will find a list of current pre-marriage counselling classes that are set in stone dates or please see your parish priest for more information.