On Thursday 2nd December, we held our annual Christmas gathering. After a very unique and challenging year, we were fortunate enough to come together and celebrate the festive season. The AYC was filled with laughter and fun, from both mums and bubs!

Mums got to make their own baubles with their choice of nativity icon. The older children enjoyed some Christmas arts and crafts, while the littlies were happy just rolling and crawling around. Santa even managed to take a break from his Christmas prep and join us bearing gifts for all!

We were also honoured with a visit from His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios who came to wish us all a ‘Merry Christmas’. Thank you Your Eminence for taking the time to visit us and greet all the children, and for your continued support for our group.

While all this was going on, we had Mr George Daher set up a physical development screening room for all who wanted a quick check up. Thank you George for donating your time and services to ensure our kids are having their best chance for a healthy start to their life.

Merry Christmas to all the families in our Archdiocese! Thank you for all those who attended and all those who continue to support our group. May God bless the coming year and keep you all healthy, safe, and happy. See you for our next meet up in 2022!