This month we participated in a Parent-Child Mother Goose program (P-CMG). The P-CMG is a group program for parents and caregivers together with their babies and young children, focusing on the use of oral rhymes, songs, and stories together.
The program provides an opportunity for parents to:

      • Share cultures through universal storytelling
      • Be part of a diverse community between parents and children
      • Strengthen the parent-child bond through an enjoyable environment
      • support children’s development & skills through communication and social interaction
      • Build parents’ skills and confidence, which enable them to create positive family patterns during their children’s crucial early years
      • Allows children to explore emotions through a variety of songs, rhythms and storytelling

    P-CMG play requires no toys or equipment, so put away all those Fisher-Price toys because all your child needs is you! The best part is that you can create songs and storytelling anytime/anywhere and you can make them up as you go.

At first, you will need to take the lead providing the music and words and helping your child to do the motions. After many repetitions, you can encourage your child to take charge and lead the interaction.
Some tips for singing and storytelling with your child:

  1. Do not worry if you don’t sound great, children love the affection with which you sing
  2. Use plenty of action and enthusiasm as this encourages your child to imitate
  3. Make up simple songs for all routine based exercises at home (E.g. during bath or bedtime)

There are many service centres that provide P-CMG programs, you can check the Parent-Child Mother Goose Australia website for a program close to you.