Stress…We all experience it. Sometimes we can get through it quietly and at other times we just explode. Then add a child in the midst… not fun! Does ‘close your eyes and count to ten’ sound familiar? Do you just roll your eyes and walk away when that comment is made? We don’t want to hear that. It rarely works!

This month we had George Daher coaching us through an amazing run down on stress management with a focus on the drive and support our Orthodox faith can provide in managing the many stresses of our lives. What was his approach you ask? One tip was to wake up in the morning with a goal. One simple goal that can help you get through the day. Don’t wake up with an assumption of the day. George was a breath of fresh air with his presentation. He defined what stress is, outlined the different levels of stress, as well as went through the many causes of stress, including why we experience stress, and how it lines up with our spiritual life.

Stress is a common and unavoidable factor in our life. We can never eliminate it, so rather, the key is to identify, manage, and control its influence on our lives. Thank you George for a truely life changing presentation on helping us understand the common issue plaguing all our households.

Please join us next month on Thursday 1st April for a discussion with renowned psychologist Mrs Samia Mikhael. Contact Kh Natalie on 0402 642 042 for details.