Happy new year to all our families. For our first meeting of the year, we had Mrs. Laura Attallah educating us all on the healthy eating standards for children.

Health standards have come a long way since the food pyramid was the accepted guideline decades ago! Laura walked us through the best types of foods for our growing kids’ bodies, serving size suggestions, how to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for our kids, and even gave us some great tips on combatting fussy little eaters- from taking your kids shopping to ‘spit bowls’!

Thank you to Laura for her excellent presentation and handouts. Definitely useful information that we can apply to our families and improving their quality of life.

Join us at our next meeting on Thursday 4 March for a discussion on stress and alleviating it in our hectic mum life. Please contact Kh. Natalie on 0402642042 to register your spot as numbers are limited due to COVID-19.