Who doesn’t love sleep? Our sleep-deprived mums definitely do! So to try and get them to catch some extra ZzZ’s, we had a sleep and routine specialist come out and help sort out sleeping issues with their babies and children.

Marnie, from Whispers Cottage, is a sleep and settling guru. She guided us through the different stages babies and children go through in their sleep patterns and cycles, how much sleep they need each day for their healthy development, how to structure a babies day and how to start forming a routine that works for baby and mum. She answered a wealth of questions from our mums on the day and even from one who dialled in!

Next month we have our annual Christmas gathering, where God willing we will have a visit from His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Basilios… and our jolly friend Santa in his red and white suit. Please RSVP your attendance for Thursday 3rd December as soon as you can so Santa can make arrangements for who will be there!