Christ Is Risen!

Busy, joyous and grateful are three words to describe the last few weeks at St Raphael’s Mission. Busy as we prepared for the Easter Feast for the homeless; joyous as we knew the impact the hampers would have on the homeless’ lives and the smiles they would have on their faces as they received them; and grateful for the help that we received from a number of volunteers, young and old, who helped us put the hampers and Easter Feast together.

On Friday 7th April, we had approximately 30 volunteers of all ages who worked hard for 3 hours straight to organize and pack 120 hampers for the homeless, as well as make tea and coffee packs for us to distribute on Monday nights as part of our weekly service. It was a lovely day with so many young children participating and learning early on, the importance of helping those less fortunate than themselves.

On Monday 17th April, we had approximately 10 volunteers help prep the main meal for the homeless which consisted of shawarma (kebab meat), kafta and chicken pieces as well as vegetables and potatoes all generously donated by Toros Kebabs, Nara Lounge and the Ladies committee of St Mary’s Mount Pritchard respectively.

Once we had plated up the meals and packed the sides (including hummus, garlic, baba ghanoush and bread rolls and butter), desserts and all the resources needed for the night, we headed into the city where approximately 150 homeless individuals were patiently waiting for us.

After commencing with a prayer, our team of 15 served the Easter feast to the homeless who expressed their thanks to those who prepared it and were serving it. The homeless were also treated to free haircuts throughout the night thanks to Irene from Rupunzelsroom.

After serving the meal, the homeless lined up again to receive their Easter Hamper which was filled with winter warmers such as a sleeping bag, beanies, gloves, socks, scarves as well as a blanket and non-perishable food items.

The homeless also learnt to say ‘Christ is Risen, Indeed He is Risen’ with a few attempting to say it in Arabic (see how they did by watching the video on our Instagram page; St Raphael’s Mission).

Our team then headed to Central Station looking for rough sleepers so that they could also benefit from our Easter celebrations by receiving the Easter hamper to help them with the winter season.

SRM would like to thank each of you who donated items or money towards our hamper drive; who gave up their time to pack the hampers for the homeless; who prepared or donated food for the Easter Feast; who helped us pack the Easter Feast; as well as the volunteers who served the homeless during the Easter Feast and spent a late night out.

All of this would not have been possible, without the collective contributions of you all. We are blessed, thankful and appreciative to have your support and pray that you will continue to support SRM throughout the years to come.