Round 2 of ‘SRM Kids’ was held at Sts Peter & Paul Parish Hall on Saturday 25th June and what a dessert-making class it was!

On the dessert menu for this month was the ‘Coconut Bounty Slice’, a tasty treat that involved cooking and refrigerating the different layers.

Upon arrival, the kids were asked to choose their workstations where they found all the ingredients and utensils needed for the recipe as well as a hairnet, SRM Kids apron and recipe card.

The kids then watched as the SRM Chef demonstrated the first step of the recipe before they did it themselves, with the SRM Supervisors walking around helping those that needed it and complimenting those who were doing a great job. This process was repeated for every step in the recipe.

The first layer was a tasty crushed Oreo base, followed by a toasty coconut and condensed milk layer, and then finishing the dessert off with a chocolate ganache layer. The ovens and microwaves were operated by our SRM Supervisors & parents who also helped out with the cleaning after.

The kids then got to taste the desserts they made, taking 3 slices home while leaving the rest to be distributed to the homeless. This was done on Monday 27 June and the homeless individuals absolutely loved the Coconut Bounty Slice!

St Raphael’s Mission would like to thank Sts Peter & Paul Parish for hosting SRM Kids this month as well as the kids for all their efforts in making a tasty treat for the homeless to eat!

Keep an eye out for future class registrations which are coming to a parish hall near you soon!

These will be advertised on the St Raphael’s Mission Facebook page as well as SRM’s Whatsapp Notification group. If you would like to be added to this group, please text 0404 323 868 to receive all SRM notifications in the future.