Round 3 of ‘SRM Kids’ was held at St Michael’s Kirrawee Parish Hall on Saturday 16th June with all kids eagerly choosing their workstations and putting on their hair nets and aprons and waiting patiently for the class to start.

On the dessert menu for this month were ‘Hedgehog Crunchy Balls’, an addictive dessert where you can’t just stop at one!

Before the dessert-making class commenced, a prayer was said and the SRM Chef taught the children about St Raphael’s Mission, how important their jobs were today and to who their desserts will be going to.

Following this, the kids then watched as the SRM Chef demonstrate the steps of the recipe before they did it themselves. We can safely say that the kid’s favourite step was using a wooden spoon and then their hands to crush the milk tea biscuits into many tiny pieces!

The recipe involved smashing milk tea biscuits into tiny pieces before pouring the thickened cream, cocoa powder, maple syrup, icing sugar and coconut into the bowl and mixing until all the ingredients combined to form a firm ball. The kids then had to take a bit of the mixture into their hands and make golf size balls before dipping them into the coconut and placing them in the tray. After which, the tray was placed in the fridge for 10 minutes. Once ready, the kids got to taste and take home some of the desserts they made before packing the rest to distribute to the homeless which was done on Monday 18 July 2022.

We ended the class by singing happy birthday to one of the kids whose birthday was that day as well as two of the SRM Helpers whose birthdays were the following day.

St Raphael’s Mission would like to thank St Michael’s Kirrawee Parish for hosting SRM Kids this month as well as the kids for all their efforts in making a tasty treat for the homeless to eat!

Keep an eye out for future class registrations which are coming to a parish hall near you soon!

These will be advertised on the St Raphael’s Mission Facebook page as well as SRM’s Whatsapp Notification group. If you would like to be added to this group, please text 0404 323 868 to receive all SRM notifications in the future.