Christ is Born!

The true spirit and meaning of Christmas were felt at St Raphael’s Mission’s Christmas Party for the homeless held on Monday 18th December. It also radiated on Christmas Day when St Raphael’s Mission headed down on the evening of Monday 25th December to spend Christmas with the homeless.

On both days, we had between 150 – 160 people waiting patiently for us to arrive, cheering when sighting our vans.

The Christmas Party comprised of an extra special meal, desserts, fruits and drinks. Each individual also received a hamper full of brand-new items including Christmas hats, hairbrushes, chapsticks, many non-perishable food items and a Christmas card from Sunday school students who decorated and wrote the messages themselves. They were also treated to free haircuts by our talented hairdresser who always gives of her time whenever asked.

On Christmas evening, we were blessed to find again, our friends waiting in line for us to arrive and they were eagerly awaiting Santa & the Elves who were our special guests on the night.

The Christmas evening was filled with the sounds of Christmas carols, laughter, and a feast that included Subway 6-inch subs, meat and oregano pizzas, fruit and 4 types of dessert including Drumstick ice cream. Photos were taken with Santa and the Elves and the homeless truly appreciated the SRM team for spending Christmas evening with them.

We are thankful to each of you who donated money or items towards our hamper drive, those volunteers who packed the hampers or prepped the food for the Christmas Party meals, and our regular meal providers; those individuals and businesses who selflessly donated their time and talents cooking meals for the homeless all year round.

An extra special thanks goes to those volunteers who donated their time on Christmas Day to spend with the homeless. It’s only the second time in 11 years that Christmas Day falls on a Monday and we were blessed to have had the food and resources to serve on this day. It was a blessing for us as much as it was to those we serve.

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