Christ Is Risen!

It has been a busy few weeks for St Raphael’s Mission (SRM) as they prepared for the Easter Feast for the homeless which was held on Monday 25th April 2022.

On Saturday 16th of April, they held an Almsgiving Activity Day and were blessed with 65 volunteers of all ages who worked tirelessly to organise and pack 140 hampers for the homeless, make tea & coffee packs for SRM to distribute on Monday nights as well as make Palm Crosses to distribute to parishioners on Palm Sunday.

The day started early on Monday 25 April with preparations for the Easter Feast including cooking 15 kg of potatoes and boiling 20 kgs of mixed vegetables that formed part of the main meal of the Easter Feast for the homeless. With the help of approximately 15 volunteers, SRM was able to prepare and pack 140 meals for the homeless in the afternoon.

The SRM team then headed into the city where approximately 140 homeless individuals were waiting patiently. After saying the ‘Our Father’, they served the Easter Feast to the homeless. It was the first time in approximately 2.5 years that SRM was able to bring 12 volunteers to participate in this joyous occasion distributing the Easter Feast to the homeless.

After serving the meal, the homeless lined up again to receive their Easter Hamper which was filled with winter warmers such as beanies, gloves, socks, scarves as well as a blanket and non-perishable food items. Throughout the night, the homeless could line up to receive a free haircut which they were grateful for.

The SRM team then drove to Wynyard Park & Central Stations handing out Easter Hampers to those sleeping rough – in tunnels, station corridors or out in the cold on the side of the road.

SRM would like to thank each of you who donated items or money towards our hamper drive; who gave up their time to pack the hampers for the homeless; who prepared or donated food for the Easter Feast; who helped us pack the Easter Feast; as well as the volunteers who served the homeless during the Easter Feast and spent a late night out.

All of this would not have been possible, without the collective contributions of you all. We are blessed, thankful and appreciative to have the community support and pray that you will continue to support SRM throughout the years to come.