A Symposium event spread across 2 evenings of fellowship and education was dedicated to celebrating the life and legacy of Dr Charles Malik.

Monday 12th- An Evening with Dr Charles Malik

Held at ACU Strathfield, under the patronage of His Excellency, Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay of the Maronite Church and His Eminence, Metropolitan Basilios (Kodseie), the Antiochian Orthodox archdiocese, as well as His Eminence, Bishop Robert Rabbat (of the Melkite Church), clergy, honoured guests, and attendees.

Two special guest speakers for the evening were from Lebanon: Fr. Bechara Khoury O.M.M, President of University-Louaize (NDU) and Mr Tony Nasrallah, a university educator and researcher who has submitted his doctoral dissertation on Dr Malek, in Beirut. Additionally was the screening of a feature-length documentary, video messages from Dr Habib C. Malek, and Dr Philip A. Salem, and a Q&A with Mr Nasrallah by evening MC Dr Shane Geha.

on Wednesday 14th- His life, legacy and contributions

Continuing on a second night, at St. Nicholas hall, Punchbowl, under the patronage of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese, with many of the same distinguished guests also attending.
A panel of 4 speakers offered various perspectives on Dr Malik, with keynote speaker Tony Nasrallah speaking of his biography and role of Christ and the Church.
Other panel speakers included Dr Kathy Tannous, Mr Nicholas Daoud, and Mr Ghassan Nehme.

This was a joint effort of fellowship…

…involving many people, to recognise a universally loved figure that exemplified Christ’s love and to speak of his contributions, and inspire many others.

Amongst the many contemporary figures who proudly personify the person of Lebanon stands the late Dr Charles Malik. Dr Malik was born in the village of Btourram, Al Koura, during the Ottoman rule of Greater Syria. He also lived during 2 world wars across parts of Lebanon and then Egypt, then moved to the USA as a Harvard Philosophy student.

Combining his upbringing, his faith, a famous intelligence, his unquenchable endeavour to learn and educate, his love of God through his Orthodox upbringing, and the divine inspiration of God, he contributed not just to Lebanon, but to many essential facets of life. Amongst his most far-reaching accomplishments was his detailed contribution to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.