Over the weekend from Friday 2nd August to Sunday 4th August 2019 Our SETS team attended Community residential Training Camp at the Tops Reserve located at Stanwell Tops.  SETS team completed Extensive Suicide Prevention Training and Leadership Training.

Over 40 representatives from various community organisations, SETS consortium partners and community leaders attended this training.

Training was provided by The NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS). We discussed how to identify suicide and how to respond to it when clients who are going through a crisis in their lives and also the training explored leadership and how to become a successful leader.

The training aimed at supporting our SETS team in assisting our community members, newly arrived refugees and community participants who seek our outstanding services to help them in difficult situations. Also, it helped to support our SETS team in delivering more effective, efficient and successful services through further excelling our areas of expertise through this training. Training was a great opportunity to network with other agencies and implement team building Strategies.

SETS project is funded by Department of Social Services through the Assyrian Australian Association.