On Friday 08 December 2023, the Settlements Engagement and Transition Support Project (SETS) in partnership with the Refugee Health Centre in Liverpool held an information session in Arabic on Breast Cancer Awareness for Community members in South West Area.

18 ladies from the St Mary ladies’ group in Mount Pritchard attended the session at Mount Pritchard Hall. The session discussed health awareness and spoke about early signs of breast cancer, the screening programs for breast, cervix, and bowel cancers and encouraged participants to do regular checks to prevent early stages of cancer.

The Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese would like to thank the Refugee Health Centre in particular Dr Mirna Tomeh for their support and assistance in providing such great information about Breast Cancer to our community members.

Also, special thanks to the Mt Pritchard ladies’ group for their engagement in the discussion.

More information sessions will follow in the near future.

For further information about the SETS project and its activities and courses running in the future, please contact Fr Fadi Nemme on 0416 730 720.

SETS project is funded by the Department of Social Services through the Assyrian Australian Association.