On Sunday 21st March 2023, the faithful of St George Cathedral in Redfern gathered to celebrate the Sunday of Veneration of the Holy Cross. The service was presided over by His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios, who a group of faithful joined.

The message of His Eminence was very uplifting and inspiring, it was a message of hope and faith. Sayedna encouraged the faithful to continue with the rigour of the fast knowing and believing that the reward is the great joy of the good tidings of the Risen Lord. Indeed, the Resurrection of Christ is the Anchor of our hope. He went on to say that we must fight the good fight that is before us in order to achieve victory and rejoice with the myrrh-bearing women at the empty tomb.

At the end of the service, a procession was held with the holy cross, and His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios led an induction service for the newly formed Ladies Guild of the Cathedral whose patron Saints are the Myrrh Bearing Women.

His Eminence thanked the members of the St George Ladies Guild for their hard work and dedication to the church and the community. He also emphasized the importance of working together and supporting one another, particularly during these challenging times.

Following the service, a fellowship was held in the hall of the church with a meal of agape prepared by the ladies guild. The event was a wonderful opportunity for community members to come together and share in fellowship. The Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross is an important celebration in the Orthodox Church. This year’s service at St George Cathedral in Redfern was a beautiful reminder of the power of faith and community.