The Ladies of St Nicholas, Punchbowl recently held a Spiritual retreat at the Antiochian Village in Goulburn.

Led by Fr. Father Romanos and Fr. Ephram Abbassi, the Ladies gathered for the first two days of Lent to deepen their understanding of the holy journey towards the great feast of Pascha.

The theme of the Retreat was ‘Great Lent’, Fr. Romanos spoke of the Preparation for Great Lent, how we pray and fast. How we feel the importance of the journey in our spiritual life.

Fr. Ephram spoke of the church services. There were a particular focus and explanation about the Akathist service which is held on Fridays in Great Lent, regarding its meaning and importance.

The Ladies gathered together in prayer from Matins to Great Compline, explored some spiritual sites of Goulburn, and were tested on their Bible Trivia skills.

The workshop was a great opportunity for sharing the different knowledge and ideas about the church teachings and the Gospel. All this was an opportunity for spiritual growth while encouraging a support network as we embark on this blessed journey.

Thank you to all those who attended and assisted with this Retreat, we hope to have more opportunities like this in the future.