On the 6th of December, we commemorate St Nicholas the Wonder-worker. Each year, St Nicholas Punchbowl organise an event for their patron saint and for the whole family to attend. This year, the Youth of St Nicholas organised for the first time a Night Fair. There were rides, games, music, food, snacks, face painting and more for the family to share in the feast of St Nicholas.

The Youth hold these events hoping to imitate the qualities of St Nicholas, of his unconditional love and generosity. A lot of thought and planning goes into this event and the Youth do their best for the community, in the hopes of bringing the parishioners together.

Despite the smokey ash and heat, the weather cleared and the night continued with hundreds of smiling faces and it was a great success.

Thank you to His Eminence for gracing the community with his blessing and presence, to the Youth of St Nicholas, and the Antiochian Orthodox Stewards for their performance.

May St Nicholas the Wonder-worker intercede for us always.