Teaching our little ones to eat healthy!

Christ is Risen! Blessed Pascha everyone. Another great session this month which included a terrific rundown on the “Do’s and Dont’s” of child nutrition and exercise delivered to us by Aline Saliba, director of Shepherd Early Learning Centre (SELC) – St Nicholas. 

Aline ran us through the Munch and Move program that they adopt at their childcare centre, which is a best practice program across the country. She opened our eyes to a lot of nutritional misconceptions and outlined the recommended serving portions for all our food groups per day across different ages and genders. We gained a good understanding of what healthy eating is expected to be and the amount of exercise and activity required each day to keep our kids healthy and fit.

Another important recommendation was to diligently limit and monitor screen time for our children which is having a significant impact on their cognitive, physical and mental wellbeing. So in a nutshell… switch of the screen, pack away the unhealthy snacks and get our kids outside instead.

Thank you, Aline, for your time, knowledge and supporting materials. We will definitely be working harder at giving our kids the best shot at a healthy life that we possibly can!

Below is a copy of some resources that Aline left with us:

Feel free to join us at our upcoming sessions. Children are always welcome. 

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