Another informative and eventful gathering in the Saint Emilia’s Young Mums group for February. This month we had Emina (a social worker with a psychology background) speaking to the mums about a very sensitive but important topic – Child Safety.

She walked us through what constituted child sexual abuse and dispelled a lot of the misconceptions and ‘myths’ surrounding child abuse. The extremely sad statistics of 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys experience some form of sexual abuse by the time they reach 18, highlighted how prevalent this is and how we need to be aware and actively coach our children to protect them.

So please be aware, keep communication open with your children, and encourage your children not to keep any secrets by reminding them that you will always believe them if they ever have to tell you something – no matter what.

Feel free to join us next month on Wednesday 6th March at 10am. All children and mums (with Primary-aged children) are welcome.