St Emilia’s Young Mums Group is well underway!

This month we had a special Christmas meeting in our St Emilia’s Young Mums Group. The tree was trimmed, presents stacked under the tree and snacks out for all to enjoy. We started the meeting with a great talk by Samia Michail, a child psychologist, about parenting our children to develop a Christ-like self-image. Some excellent tips about behaviour management, recognising and responding to the needs of our children, and building a relationship of trust and unconditional love that will last a lifetime.

We had a special visitor, by the name of Santa, stop by and hand out some gifts for all the children… and a copy of the ‘Parenting Toward the Kingdom’ book for all the mums!

Feel free to join us on the FIRST Wednesday of every month at St Mary’s (Parish of the Nativity of the Theotokos), Mays Hill. Meet up at 10 am for fellowship and our guest speaker. Kids are of course welcome!

**Please note- given the first Wednesday of January is around the public holiday, we will hold the January meeting on the SECOND Wednesday (9 January). We will be graced with His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios who will lead the discussion that week and is looking forward to meeting all the mums.**

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