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Is your wedding between October to February?
Register for Spring Sessions (held in September).

Is your wedding between March to September?
Register for Autumn Sessions (held in February).


Marriage is a Sacrament of service and love. Establishing a strong foundation and a clear understanding of the responsibilities and sacrifices associated with marriage is essential in making the decision to proceed to the altar. 

Pre-marriage classes are compulsory for those who wish to get married in the Antiochian Orthodox Church. These are in a group setting and provide a precious opportunity to walk through the important aspects of leading up to your wedding, but most importantly, being married! Before registering for pre-marriage counselling classes, have you read the important details about Orthodox Marriage? Please invest some time to read the following:  

Once you have read the rules before getting married and more information about the Pre-Marriage Classes, you can come back and fill in the registration below!


Each session is held across 2 nights, February (Dates TBA). Each night runs from 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Both sessions will be held at the Antiochian Youth Centre.