As a part of the Archdiocese continual training program for volunteers and child safety officers on Child safety.

A training course was held on the 21/11/2020 at the Antiochian Youth Centre, Punchbowl by Trainer Mr Paul Filipczyk, from CCWT (Centre for Community Welfare and Training).

The Title of Training Course was: Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk (CHCPRT001).

Topics Covered during the sessions:

  • e-Reports,
  • Tips for writing reports,
  • Working with Children Check,
  • How to identify an abused child,
  • Neglect, Physical Abuse and Sexual Abuse.

The training was effective and was targeted towards answering many of the questions from participants. Paul referred to the workbook and showed us where to access important guidance notes. He was very accommodating in terms of questions and targeted his education towards these.