Happy new year to all the families in our Archdiocese!

To kick off the year we were graced with the presence and wisdom of our bishop, His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios, in our January meeting. His Eminence was instantly flooded with children as soon as he walked through the door! The older children came for a blessing and greeting, and the younger ones leaped over for a cuddle.

What did we cover?

His Eminence began his talk on ‘the important role a mother plays in the spiritual modelling of their children’, with his appreciation of all the mums in our group and our archdiocese who spend their life raising children in our faith through their sacrificial love. It was obvious how the church firmly appreciates the challenging role mums have (and how much effort even coming to church is). In other words, mums are encouraged to feel welcome and comfortable in the church, no matter what.

He then shared some beautiful insights from the book ‘Wounded By Love’. Encouraging us with strategies that we can apply, as well as helping us work through the challenges we may face.

Key Points

  • First educating ourselves in our faith and theology so that we can educate our children
  • Love, harmony, and understanding is what we need to cultivate at home
  • From birth start exposing our children to the Church and teaching

Your Eminence, thank you for your wise words, your time, and your understanding. Thank you also to our volunteer helpers who watched the older children, as our meeting fell in the school holidays, and taught them the Anti-Trisagion Hymn (which they presented to His Eminence) and about the Theophany icon in the Church.

Interested in joining?

Please feel free to join us in future meetings. Children are always welcome. If you’d like to subscribe to monthly updates of upcoming meetings please contact Natalie Daher (0402 642 042).

Register for upcoming sessions here- https://www.antiochian.org.au/event/youngmums/2019-01-09/