On Monday 17th December, St. Raphael’s Mission held its annual Christmas Party for the homeless in Martin Place. The party consisted of 2 parts; the Dinner service which included a nice meal with drinks. Part 2 was the gift giving service. Every individual lined up to receive a piece of fruit, a Krispy Kreme’s donut, and a hamper full of summer-based items to help them get through the season.

Approximately 160 individuals were patiently awaiting our arrival and were so thankful for the feast and gifts that they received. They were also appreciative of the volunteers and hairdressers who served them with love, smiles, joy, enthusiasm and to the sound of Christmas carols.

St Raphael’s Mission would like to thank all those who donated items, money or their time to the hamper drive as well as those who helped make the night a success by donating food, their hairdressing and photography services and their time in serving on the night. Your continued support is appreciated by the homeless and the team at St Raphael’s Mission.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.