On Saturday 13th October, with the blessing of His Eminence Sayedna Basilios, the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese Choir hosted a High School ‘Liturgical Music Day Retreat’ at St. Mary’s Nativity Church, Mays Hill.

The theme for the Retreat was ‘Resurrection Troparions’ and Church School students attending from across the Archdiocese had the major task of learning the eight different Resurrectional Troparions chanted cyclically throughout the Liturgical Year. (For eg. ‘While the stone was sealed by the Jews…’; ‘When You, O Immortal Life, went down to death…’ etc.)

A difficult task to achieve in such a short span of time – but the students rose to the challenge and successfully executed each and every chant, making both their instructors and themselves very proud of this tremendous achievement. The smiles going around all day were quite contagious.

A special thank you to Fr. George Saad and his parish for their wonderful hospitality on the day and also to our amazing instructors for all their hard work and efforts.

Glory to God for all things!