Who Am I? A seemingly simple question running like a thread within the scriptures, particularly during the instances of God’s divine revelation to His people. It expands our mind into contemplation and reflection on our own identity, purpose, vocation and discernment, as Christians journeying towards Theosis and salvation. These themes, among many others, were delved into by our youth through the guidance of our Spiritual Fathers, led by His Eminence, Sayedna Basilios, at this year’s Young Adult Retreat, organised and hosted by ACOY and held at the Antiochian Village in Goulburn last weekend.

Our youth have spoken up about their daily struggles of what it means to be a young person in our contemporary society, grappling with the distractions that bombard them, and keep them from understanding who they truly are and how they should act as Orthodox Christians. The purpose of the retreat was two-fold, not only did it serve as an educational resource, lighting the lamp of knowledge and bringing awareness to their identities as Orthodox Christians; but it also served as a revival of inner stillness and peace where our youth enjoyed a home away from home..away from technology and pressures and worldly distractions.

The schedule of the weekend guided and inspired our youth (from years 10, 11 and 12.) who came together from our various parishes to reflect on the elusive question, “Who Am I?” The group was blessed to have Sayedna Basilios lead them throughout the weekend, and preside over Great Vespers and Divine Liturgy. Also offering their time and wisdom were Father Nectarios and Jason Israel, who further enlightened the youth on the topics of Vocation/Talents and Discernment.

All glory is owed to God for the successes of the weekend and we pray that we continue to nurture the seeds planted in our youth that Christ had planted with His right hand as we are all part of His vineyard.