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Congratulations on booking your upcoming wedding


On your wedding day, you will be granted crowns of honour and glory.


Because you will receive these crowns, it’s essential to build your Christ-centered kingdom on a strong foundation. These Pre-Marriage Classes will equip you with a plan to help build your marriage on the rock of faith.

In order to prepare yourselves for marriage in the Antiochian Orthodox church, you will need to register for and complete compulsory Pre-Marriage Counselling classes prior to getting married.

Classes are delivered in a group setting and provide a precious opportunity to walk through the important aspects in preparing for a wedding and supporting marriage.

Is your wedding between February and June?
🍂 When registering, choose the Spring Session (held February 8-9)
Registrations close on 25th January 2022

 Is your wedding between July and October?
❄️ When registering, choose the Winter Session (held June 7-8)
Registrations close on 24th May 2022

Is your wedding between November 2022 and February 2023?
🌸 When registering, choose the Spring Session (held on October 4-5)
Registrations close on 12th September 2022

Before signing up

There are some essential things to understand on the link below:


Once you’ve read the rules before getting married and more information about the Pre-Marriage Classes, you can come back and fill in the registration below.


  • There are 3 sessions throughout the year
  • Each session is held across 2 nights
  • Each night runs from 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
  • Both sessions will be held at the parish of St. Nicholas, Punchbowl