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“What state can be more blessed than to imitate on earth the choirs of angels?”
– St. Basil the Great


The St. Kassiani Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese Choir was officially established in May 2018 under the guidance of His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios Kodseie. His goal was to create a choir of predominantly Australian-born members to carry on the beautiful and sacred tradition of Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music in the Antiochian Orthodox Church of Australia, and furthermore to develop and nurture the God-given talents of its members for the glory of God and the servitude of the Holy Church of Christ.

His Eminence appointed Deacon Phillip Saba as Director of the Archdiocese Choir, which is comprised of over 40 chanters from various parishes across New South Wales. The choir convenes regularly in preparation for services, concerts and professional recordings. They also attend workshops and retreats aimed at developing and refining their skills and talents, both as individual chanters and as a cohesive group.

Every year in May, the Archdiocese Choir opens the door for new talent, 18 years and over, to audition for the choir. The process involves an assessment of Byzantine notation knowledge, but all candidates with a gift and passion for music are encouraged to audition, whether or not they possess this knowledge.

Use the player below to listen to their debut performance at the First Anniversary Dinner for His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios in November 2018.

About St. Kassiani – The patron saint of our choir

To learn more about St. Kassiani and why the Archdiocese Choir chose her as their Patron Saint, click here.


For any inquiries pertaining to the Archdiocese Choir please contact Rev. Fr. Phillip by clicking here


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