Project Description

Main Parish Contact

| Email Reverend Father Geoff Harvey
| Email Father Deacon Nicholas Fraser


 | 0488 811 755

Parish Priest

  • Reverend Father Geoff Harvey

Other Clergy

  • Father Deacon Nicholas Fraser

Patron Feast Day

  • Pentecost


  • English

Services on Offer

  • English Catechism Classes (by appointment)
  • Sunday School
  • Pre-Marriage Classes
  • Choir Practice
  • Study Group


Religious Centre, 38 Exhibition Walk, Clayton 3800 VIC, Australia


  • Evening
    • 5:00 PM- Vespers (English)


  • Morning
    • 9:00AM- Matins (English)
    • 10:00AM- Liturgy (English)

Study Group


  • Held each Wednesday Night
  • Contact- Dn. Nicholas Fraser (see Contacts)


  • By appointment only
  • Held in English
  • A full Orthodox Catechism offered in line with traditional Orthodox Church teachings

Pre-Marriage Classes

  • By appointment only
  • Held in English

Parish Council

Fellowship Group

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