What exactly is “The Philokalia”?

  • The Philokalia means “love of the beautiful, the good”

  • A collection of texts written between the 4th and 15th centuries by spiritual masters of the Eastern Orthodox Church mystical Hesychast tradition

  • Originally written for the guidance and instruction of monks in “the practice of the contemplative life”

  • Compiled in the eighteenth century (1782) by St. Nicodemus of Mount Athos and Macarius of Corinth.

The Philokalia is a precious collection that should be read with spiritual guidance. This page will combine all the resources on this website, that reference the Philokalia. Continue reading below to see how you can gain wisdom and further your ‘love of the beautiful’.



June 26, 2019

He who gives himself to desires, and sensual pleasures and lives according to the world’s way will quickly be caught in the nets of sin. And sin, when once committed, is like fire put to straw, a stone rolling downhill or a torrent eating away its banks. Such pleasures, then, [...]


June 21, 2019

Do not compare yourself with weaker men but rather apply yourself to fulfilling the commandment of love. For by comparing yourself with the weak you will fall into the pit of conceit, but by applying yourself to the commandment of love you will reach the height of humility." St. Maximos [...]


June 17, 2019

When the sun rises and casts its light on the world, it reveals both itself and the things it illumines. Similarly, when the Sun of righteousness rises in the pure intellect. He reveals both Himself and the inner principles of all that has been and will be brought into existence [...]


June 14, 2019

Even the devil, having lost the knowledge of God, and so inevitably becoming ignorant in his ingratitude and pride, cannot of himself know what to do. On the contrary, he sees what God does to save us and maliciously learns from this and contrives similar things for our destruction. For [...]

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