On the 12th of November 2023, The Antiochian Orthodox Youth of Victoria (ACOY) came together at St. Paul’s Antiochian Orthodox Church Dandenong.

In celebration of their patron Saint, St John Chrysostom. The evening commenced with a Vespers Service for the feast day of St. John Chrysostom, this saw several members of the clergy in Victoria also come together in service for the Vespers and the breaking of the five loaves.

This was followed by an enlightening sermon from Rev Fr. Jean Mawal about St. John Chrysostom’s three homilies on the power of the devil and the importance of salvation and seeking the need for spiritual rehabilitation.

Fr. Jean Mawal highlighted God being the physician, seeking medicine from God and as Christians understanding that salvation is gained through participation in spiritual practice in the church.

The evening concluded with fellowship and the youth came together with the clergy for light refreshments and socialising in the St. Pauls Reception. May the intercession of the Holy Saint protect all.