On Wednesday, 2nd August, our parish was blessed with a visit from His Eminence, our Father and chief shepherd, Metropolitan Basilios of Australia.
In a word of nourishment and encouragement, for the souls of those in attendance, Sayedna spoke about the motherly love of The Ever Blessed Theotokos and her intercessions on our behalf. He highlighted the fact that we as humans, made in the image and likeness of God, are psycho-somatic beings, meaning that we have a body and a soul and that both need attention and must be in good health, especially the soul. For when the soul leaves the body, the body returns to the earth. We also have a mind.

This is why, when we pray before our Holy Mother and ask for her intercessions, we ask that our Lord would heal our body and our soul and we also pray that God will heal both our mind and our reasoning. Physical health, spiritual health, and mental health, all are important, and God heals them all.

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