On Sunday 13 Nov 2022, The Antiochian Welfare Association (AWA) in partnership with The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group participated in Lebanon Carnival 2022 at Burwood Park, Burwood.

The Antiochian Folkloric Dance Group performed on stage with an atmosphere of joy and happiness. The audience received our young girls’ Dabkeh performance and our young person playing the Arabic flute (Mizmar). The group did us all proud on the stage of the festival. Our culture of dance and music lives on through these young people.

AWA would like to thank the Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group for this opportunity and would like to thank the instructor Natalie for her hard work in teaching the group.

The initiative of the Antiochian Folkloric Dance group was funded by the City of Canterbury Bankstown. AWA would like to thank the City of Canterbury Bankstown for their ongoing support of our community.

For information about the Dabkeh group and if you would like to get your children involved, please contact 0416 222 624.