On Friday the 10th of June, His Eminence, Metropolitan Basilios presided over a solemn Vespers service commemorating St. Luke the Surgeon, Bishop of Simferopol at St. Mary’s Mount Pritchard. He was assisted by Archimandrite Ephram Abbassi, parish priest Fr. Isaac Zghaib and Dn. Theophan Nahas.

Many flocked from different parishes across Sydney to honour St. Luke and ask for his fervent intercessions. His hymns were reverently chanted in English and the faithful received the blessing of venerating his holy icon and relics. The Trisagion was also served for the Saturday of the departed.

At the end of the service, Metropolitan Basilios spoke about St. Luke as a model for our Christian lives. His Eminence referred to St. Luke’s high level of education, and how he used his expertise to serve and confess God in front of the non-Christian rulers of the time. Despite being persecuted and tortured, St. Luke remained steadfast in his faith and thus is an example for all Christians. His Eminence concluded by encouraging the faithful to regularly honour St. Luke the Surgeon, reassuring them that no one will walk away profitless from his intercessions.

Following the service, the faithful were welcomed by the parish for dinner and fellowship.

A blessed feast day to all.