On the 30th of April, H.E. Metropolitan Basilios accompanied by Rev. archimandrite Ephram Abbasssi has visited the hall of the Australian-Jordanian Society where he was warmly welcomed by the president and members of the association and Jordanian community in the presence of Mayor Frank Carbone, Mayor of Fairfield City and Deputy Mayor Dai Le.

It was an occasion also to congratulate Rev. archimandrite Ephram Abbasssi after his elevation to the rank of archimandrite on the Sunday of Orthodoxy by H.E. Metropolitan Basilios.

The Jordanian society expressed their gratitude to H.E. Metropolitan Basilios for his care and love for the Jordanian community and Fairfield City mayor Mr Carbone emphasised on the importance and values of our family and the importance of the equal treatment of all Australian people.

In the end, all have shared a meal of Agape which was prepared by the ladies of the Jordanian society.