Youth Month 2022 began with the ACOY barbecue at Carlton Gardens; a wonderful atmosphere where high school-aged youth were able to come together in the first event of the year!

On Sunday the 6th of February, the festivities continued when Saint George’s Youth Committee sold delicious croissants with various sweet and savoury toppings! They proved to be an especially popular treat for the entire community.

For the second week of Youth Month, a MasterChef day was held in which the youth competed by creating a Middle Eastern Breakfast, an Indian dinner, and an Asian dessert. This event really got our hearts pumping with the time pressure, and despite a variety of wonderful dishes, the desert team won!

This year, the first installation of the ACOY Acts series was held at St. George’s Community Centre. Youth across every parish came together and enjoyed a night of mystery and friendly competition. Groups had to work together to figure out who in their group was the secret thief.

The fun continued when on Sunday the 20th of February, the youth of St. George’s Cathedral and St. Nicholas’ Church teamed up for a games day of trivia and blindfolded tag. But by far the most popular game involved stealing each team’s egg, which resulted in quite a scramble!

To celebrate Meatfare Sunday as well as the end of such a wonderful Youth Month, the Youth Committee arranged a barbecue at All Nations Park. Preceding the delicious souvlakis came some vigorous games of dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, and uno.

Overall, the aim of Youth Month this year was to encourage the youth to actively participate in the worship of our Lord and to inspire new friendships which we hope will grow throughout the year. A big thank you to all the youth who participated either by writing a sermon, reading an epistle, or assisting in tray collection. We pray you all to have a blessed Lenten Fast!