On the first weekend of February 2022, the faithful of Victoria was delighted to receive the presence of His Eminence on this long-awaited pastoral visit to Victoria. His Eminence presided over the Divine Liturgy at St Mary’s Church in Yarraville on the morning of Sunday 6th February.

On the evening of Monday 7th February, His Eminence took some time to meet with the youth from all the parishes in Victoria before the end of his visit. His Eminence inspired the youth with a detailed discussion on living as an Orthodox Christian in a secular society.

The topics discussed included how the Church is the only source of salvation, challenged the youth to undertake a thirty-three-knot prayer rule of the Jesus prayer, as well as the need for all three of the following:

  • ascetical labours,
  • liturgical participation, and
  • sacramental life.

Through these three pillars, His Eminence highlighted how we achieve our transfiguration in Christ: also known as theosis or deification. Following the discussion and the sharing of personal experiences, the St Ephraim Antiochian Orthodox choir gathered to chant Psalm 94 to conclude the evening in harmonic hymnody. After receiving a personal blessing from His Eminence, the youth stayed for refreshments and fellowship.

We look forward in hope to receiving His Eminence throughout the coming year.