Sayedna Basilios at St George Cathedral

On Thursday 15 December, His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios visited St George Cathedral last Monday and presided over the last Parish Council meeting for this year. It was a fruitful meeting and productive on many levels. His Eminence shed light on the many and various projects and activities undertaken by the Archdiocese and the importance of preparing for the future and for the new generation. Currently, The Antiochian Care nursing home is under construction and by the grace of God will be ready to operate by March 2023. Among many matters pertaining to the Cathedral His Eminence designated a committee to start preparing for the most important forthcoming historical event, the celebration of the centenary of the Cathedral which will take place towards the end of next year. The Parish Council was very pleased and appreciative of Sayedna’s input and forthright attitude towards progress in general and the Cathedral in particular. The meeting concluded with a Lenten meal of love prepared by the Ladies guild of the Cathedral. The President of the Parish Council Mr Michael Melki thanked Sayedna on behalf of the Parish Council for his uplifting and pleasant visit in the hope another meeting with his Eminence will convene soon next year.

    Sayedna Basilios Blessed the Sunday School Children at St George Cathedral

On Saturday 18 December, His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios attended the Sunday School Concert at St George Cathedral and was very happy to see the joyful children who took part in the Christmas play. Sayedna was very pleased to see the community and the activities that are now possible in the church after the lockdown. His Eminence went on to say that it is very important to encourage such an event after such an unfortunate period of isolation. His Eminence interacted with the children giving them a spot quiz with many questions pertaining to the feast. He was encouraged by the level of their knowledge, also noticeable was the chanting of the Katavasia of Nativity. Sayedna thanked the teachers for their diligent work and wished them a Holy Christmas and Blessed New Year. In turn, the Sunday School Director, Desiree Jabbour, thanked His Eminence for his attendance despite his busy schedule. At the conclusion of the event, Desiree and the children who chanted many years master wished Sayedna a joyful Christmas and presented him with a gift as a token of love and gratitude for always supporting and caring for the Sunday School’s wellbeing and progress. Many years Master!