‘Living on a Prayer’ was the theme of ACOY NSW’s annual St. John Chrysostom Day Retreat that is held to commemorate the feast of ACOY’s Patron Saint, St. John Chrysostom.

This year, the retreat was delivered online on Saturday 13th November, where over 30 attendees took part in the retreat which explored the following topics:

The importance of prayer as Orthodox Christians and setting the time for private and communal prayer in today’s society

  • The Orthodox way of prayer
  • The structure and conditions of prayer
  • How to make a home prayer corner
  • Prayer rope making

The retreat attendees received a retreat pack that was delivered to them with an Orthodox Prayer book, to assist on their journey to pray from the heart, the materials required to make their very own prayer rope, and of course snacks for the day.

Glory to God for such a positive and spiritually enriching day where we were blessed to be joined by His Eminence, Metropolitan Basilios, Fr. Philip Saba, Fr John Daher, Kh. Natalie Daher and our clerical advisor Fr. Nabil Kachab.