On Monday the 20th of July, Monthly Enlightenment returned to St John the Baptist for the first time as rules surrounding the pandemic eased. We were blessed to have Mr Alex Metry present on one of the most revered Saints in the Church, the glorious Prophet Elias (Elijah), whose feast day it was.

The presentation by Alex informed those in attendance on the life of the holy prophet, the link between St John the Forerunner and Baptist as well as the lessons that can be taken by each of us. There was a specific focus on the unwavering faith, zeal and humility of St Elias and the importance for us to learn and implement this into our lives especially in today’s climate.

The prophet Elias is a truly inspirational saint who set a shining example for us all to follow. Through the intercessions of the glorious prophet Elias, O God have mercy on us and save us.