February the 17th marked the second Monthly Enlightenment talk for 2020 which was given by Sub Dn. Jason Israel on “Spiritual Preparation for the Resurrection”. In this talk, Sub Dn. Jason gave a summary of the Triodion period (the Pre-Lenten period) covering content on each Sunday. He then unpacked the underlying themes and how they relate to the first stage of spiritual life ‘Purification’, making note of their importance in the lead up to Great Lent.

Sub Dn. Jason then continued into how Great Lent corresponds to the second stage of our spiritual life ‘Illumination’, focusing on the five Sundays of Great Lent. He then briefly mentioned the third stage of our spiritual life ‘Deification’ which corresponds to Holy week, the period proceeding directly before the “Feast of Feasts”, Pascha (Easter).

Following the talk, fellowship took place outside the Church with our resident chefs cooking up the now-renowned “Saint John’s Philly Cheesesteak Roll”. We look forward to seeing you all for next month’s monthly enlightenment at St. John the Baptist, Croydon Park.

[Monthly Enlightenment is a presentation from clergy and laymen giving an Orthodox perspective on various topics ranging from dogmatic to day-to-day issues]

God Bless!