The NSW ACOY held their Annual Ball last Saturday 18th January, at the Lemnos Reception Centre, under the patronage and attendance of His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios. The ball was also attended by some of the clergy who witnessed the glowing atmosphere full of happy and joyful youths from all the NSW parishes.

Sayedna Basilios delivered a very uplifting and encouraging message and thanked the ACOY organising committee on such a wonderful and successful event. He specifically highlighted that it is important for all the youth and all ACOY members to be alive in the life of the church. The youth are not only the future, they are the present preparing, by the grace of God, for the future.

ACOY has already produced some role models for others to see and follow, specifically two priests and a deacon have been ordained, all of whom were very active members of ACOY, as well as others who are serving in different capacities within the archdiocese.

His Eminence stressed the point that the experience of ACOY should not just become a joyful memory, but rather something that needs to be built on and shared with the wider community. Our younger members should be given the opportunity to progress in their spiritual growth, thus ensuring their future within the realm of the Church.

During the evening ACOY pledged $5000 towards the Archdiocesan bush fire appeal launched to assist those who were affected by the atrocity of the fires.  At the conclusion of his message, His Eminence presented the Metropolitan ACOY Award to Mr. Johnathan Barhoumeh, acknowledging his contribution to the youths and to the Archdiocese.

The ACOY Award was given to St. Kassiani Choir who have produced two CDs, as well as an uplifting concert and various performances in the short period since their initiation .The award was presented to Rev. Fr. Philip Saba, the instructor of the choir.

There is no doubt that the night was entertaining and joyful. The guests were very grateful to ACOY and many of the youths expressed serious interest in the forthcoming ACOY Annual Retreat taking place at the Antiochian Village on the last weekend of February.

ACOY is indebted to His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios for his love, care and constant guidance. For many years, Master!