St John the Baptist Monthly Enlightenment – featuring our guest speaker Mr George Daher

The Youth of St John the Baptist have successfully been hosting ‘Monthly Enlightenment’ for over one year. The goal of Monthly Enlightenment is to provide the English-speaking community with a presentation from clergy and laymen, giving an Orthodox perspective on various topics ranging from dogmatic to day-to-day issues.

For the first Monthly Enlightenment of 2020, we were joyed to have Mr George Daher speaking on the topic of ‘Health & Wellness According to the Holy Fathers’. This presentation informed the audience of our physical and spiritual health prior to the fall of Adam and Eve. An emphasis was placed on the importance of the spiritual, psychological and physical health of the human person, in that order, according to the Holy Fathers. The participants were informed of the effects of the passions and virtues on the health of an individual.

Mr George Daher delved into the teachings of the Holy Fathers, such as St. Silouan the Athonite and St. Basil the Great, to express the importance of the individual’s spiritual life.  In addition to the spiritual talk, he provided an interactive experience for the audience through a true or false questionnaire.

We look forward to many more exciting and enriching fellowships throughout the year.

May it be blessed!