His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios attended this week to the Nursing home in Maroubra to visit Mrs Alice Doumani who turned 97 this week.

Alice is the granddaughter of the Very Reverend Fr. Nicholas Shehadie, who established the Church of St George a century ago back in 1920.

Her own father Reverend Fr. Michael Shehadie also served and contributed to the common good of St George Parish and its people.

Alice loved by all is very well known for her meritorious services for her church and for various
charities for which she was awarded with a medal of the Order of Australia (OAM).

With Love and meekness Alice served St George Cathedral in particular and the community at large.

His Eminence visited Alice to express personally his appreciation for her great efforts and contribution, for been an excellent role model inspiring so many to have a life of service to the church and others.

His Eminence admired Alice for been so graceful and Peaceful. In an ambiance of joy and love his Eminence presented Alice with an Icon of the Theotokos and wished her and her family a Blessed and Happy Christmas.