June 28th – 30 | St. Paul’s Dandenong, VIC

A joyous feast has shone unto the uttermost parts of the earth today
Aposticha Doxastikon

And with great hope and faith, the parish of the Holy Apostle Paul in Dandenong, celebrated the glorious memory of the holy Apostles over a three-day weekend.

Beginning Friday evening with Great Vespers co-celebrated by clergy and faithful from sister parishes in Victoria, followed by Festal Matins and Divine Liturgy the next morning. Hoping to experience the fullness of the festive weekend some of the faithful gathered again on Saturday evening to watch ‘The Apostle Paul’ movie, which brought a joyful sorrow and realisation of the difficulties and sacrifices the Holy Apostle endured for his love of Christ and ‘anxiety for all the churches.’ (2 Corinthians 11)

The festival climaxed on Sunday after the Divine Liturgy where the Sunday School Expo on St Paul was officially opened for the multitudes to see. Months of preparation went into research and work to present a wonderful exhibition on the life of St Paul.

Each of the five classes focused on a particular aspect of St Paul’s life to present at the Expo:

Age Group Activity
4-6 Icons on the life of St Paul
7-9 Churches of the world dedicated to St Paul
10-12 The Escape Room
13-15 The Journeys of St Paul
15+ The Life of Paul in Movie

The Community Centre was set up as a mini-museum with the students manning their artwork, demonstrating to the viewers the meaning of their work from the life of St Paul. It was a proud moment for the children who received overwhelming reactions from the faithful and a proud moment for teachers and parents who delighted in the fruit of their labours. The day ended with a celebratory feast organised by the parish youth, who created a festive environment with a jumping castle, face painting, giant chess and ice cream for all for dessert.


O foremost in the ranks of Apostles, and teachers of the world, Peter and Paul, intercede with the Master of all to grant peace unto the world, and to our souls the Great Mercy.

May the Holy Apostles intercede on behalf of all!