Victorian youth enjoy a day of sports, balloon suits, and… battles?!

By James Hanna | July 6th, 2019

On the 6th of July, ACOY Victoria once again held their Annual Teen Sports Day which invites high-school-aged kids from all the parishes of Victoria together for a day of fun. The group of over 50 kids were spilt into two groups, under 15s and over 15s, which rotated between the Nerf Gun war and Bubble Soccer.

Although it was technically a ‘soccer’ match, the ball was left lonesome, on the side, whilst kids sumoed into each other’s balloon suits, aiming to push each other upside down- even those who weren’t playing ran on the field to get involved.

Similarly, with the Nerf battle, the half-way line eventually became a mere suggestion, especially with the over 15s group. Despite the admitted lack of adherence to the rules, everyone (kids and adults), had a great day with a smile on at all times.

To top off the acticitives, and although not scheduled into the program, no one could resist the playground. Most people tried the big slide, with a few aiming to ride all the attractions.

After being thrown about in a ball, and having dodged (foam) bullets, we had quite the appetite. Thankfully, after all the fun and games, we had a delicious lunch to enjoy together before we all headed off. There was pizza, chicken, wedges, and (of course) kebab meat, which left us pretty full.

Overall, it was an exciting day where the youth of our parishes had the opportunity to meet new face and make new friendships. It’s always been a priority to facilitate new friendships amongst our youth, particularly between our sister parishes and we hope to enjoy more of these days in the future.

See you at the next one!

Original article by James Hanna | Edited by Admin